We have not advised our readers to buy a book for some time. There has been no great editorial news, namely of importance for the expert property appraiser, so we will remember a very interesting book, with a lot of interest in property valuation, which has the title “Statistics, many applications and other formulas …” ISBN 978-989-20-6961-6, by José Dias Curto.

We found the book very interesting on several aspects, mainly:

  • Solidifies knowledge in a very important area for property valuation, which is the use of statistical inference to estimate the market value of a property using the comparative method. Still on this point, we would like to give special emphasis to the chapter dedicated to the construction of samples that, if well structured, help to obtain a result according to the minimum parameters so that the models can be considered acceptable.

On the other hand, it explains in a very clear way, that we had not yet read, the transformation of variables. We recall the importance we attach to this point, recalling our article “Transformation of variables?”.

  • All the examples dealt with in the book are included in two “excel” files, with which readers can exercise the materials learned.
  • It’s an interactive book. We can testify that all the doubts we put to the author were answered in a very clear way, by “email” and in a very short period of time.

That was how we learned about tautology (“It’s what we call“ tautology ”: explain the dependent in terms of herself in the explanatory part of the model.”) And about the principle of parsimony (“You will see that R2 moves little and has a great advantage, when fewer regressors have in the model, less accurate information to estimate the price of another house. This is what we call the principle of simplicity or parsimony ”), applied in statistical inference and, consequently, in the evaluation of properties .

Finally, we recall the link where you can order the book, and that José Dias Curto has a PhD in Quantitative Methods of Management and Professor of Statistics and Econometrics in undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in ISCTE-IUL.

Definitely a good buy!

This article was prepared by João Fonseca, real estate appraiser and expert appraiser of machinery and equipment registered with the CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission) with registration PAI / 2010/0019, member 7313161 of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Seurveyors) , RICS Registered Valuer, member of TEGoVA and European Registered Valuer REV-PT / ASAVAL / 2023/8, Member of the Fiscal, Disciplinary and Deontological Council of ANAI (National Association of Real Estate Appraisers), Expert of the Lisbon Stock Exchange Appraiser , Associate Thinker on the blog out-of-the-boxthinking.blogspot.pt. He is co-author of the book “Sustainable urban regeneration”, ISBN 978-989-8414-10-6. He has a Postgraduate Degree in “Management and Valuation in Real Estate” by Católica Porto Business School and has a training course in “Real Estate Valuation” by the Escola Superior de Imóveis Imobiliários. He has offices at Rua Pinto Bessa, 522, RC, Centro, Esquerdo, 4300-428 Porto and at Rua Visconde de Santarém, 75 C, 1000-286 Lisboa. He is a trainer in real estate appraisal at Domínio Binário.

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