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It is a tool of great interest to the real estate appraiser, as it provides credible information about “hospitality”.

HVS is a global consulting company, with more than 300 people in 50 offices, all over the world, with experience in everything related to “hospitality”: hotels, restaurants, casinos, golf courses, among others.

This time we recommend reading the article “The Impact of COVID-19 on the European Hotel Sector”.

According to the summary of the article (our translation) “A review of how European hotels have been affected by COVID-19 so far and a forecast of the expected recovery in the coming years. This article also explores the factors that will influence interested buyers and sellers and analyzes different scenarios to assess the evolution of EBITDA and value ranges.”

Showing a little interest in the article, let us pay attention to the care that the organization places on hotel evaluation:

“As hotel valuers, HVS has continued to carry out hotel valuations during the current pandemic and applied all of the above factors to our thinking in addition to hotel-, market- and location-specific characteristics in each case. In the absence of a wealth of recent comparable transactions, we have also developed a scenario analysis to help illustrate the various conditions a hotel might have experienced. We have then compared this with a ‘base case’, illustrating how the hotel’s performance ought to have evolved in the absence of the COVID pandemic, which is based on a typical European hotel.”

Scenarios are shown in the figure!